Bracebridge Skating Club is proud to honour our skaters for their achievements. For a list of previous award winners, please see the Awards Hall of Fame page.



Amybel Rosewarne Gold Achievement Award

Mrs. Rosewarne was deeply dedicated to groups that involved community spirit and especially organizations that encouraged the growth of children both mentally and physically. Many may remember Amybel as an active member of the Girl Guides, the Hospital Auxiliary, the Bracebridge Ski Club and especially the Bracebridge Figure Skating Club. Upon her sudden death in 1975, a large void was left in our organization. She had been a long-time executive member and Club President and had helped to promote the skating dream in this Town. Both Amybel and Marion Black were solely responsible for bringing Doug Leigh to coach at our Club in the 1970’s. Because of these beginnings, our Club has continues to have a strong bond with Doug’s world-renowned Mariposa Skating School.

In the 1975 Carnival Program, the following memorial note was written:

We in the Bracebridge Figure Skating Club remember Amybel in many ways. To the young skaters, she was the lady who was always there to solve their little problems. To the senior skaters, she was a source of moral support and their greatest booster. To the executive members who worked with Amybel, she was a problem solver, a reliable and knowledgeable co-worker and sometimes our strongest critic. She was a good friend to all of us.

In the year of her death, Amybel’s daughter, Nancy, was the first member in our Club’s history to obtain the Gold Achievement Award acquiring her Gold in Dance. Therefore, we feel in only fitting to honour her mother’s memory with this award.



Marion Black Award

The Marion Black Memorial Award was first presented in 1998 by Marion’s daughter, Nancy (Black) Eidt, in memory of her mother’s hard work and dedication as an executive and Past President of the Bracebridge Figure Skating Club in the 1960s and ‘70s. This award is twofold, as it will annually recognize both the Club’s Synchronized (Precision) Skater and Singles Skater. The award requires both Membership input as well as Coaching input for nominations allowing all skaters to aspire to the spirit of this award, being the essence of our sport – The Love of Skating.

The Marion Black Memorial Award is presented to the skater that not only demonstrates dedication, hard work and leadership but, more importantly, by their support and encouragement of others — The true grace, beauty, spirit and love of figure skating.



Doug Smith Memorial Award

Doug Smith was one of the town’s best know and most popular citizens, prominent for several years on the community scene, giving effective leadership and quiet constant work in recreational management. He retired as manager of the Memorial Arena in 1973 yet his work in this capacity is well remembered by people of the town. His death in 1988 saw another era come to a close.

Doug was chairman of the Bracebridge Memorial Community Centre committee when in 1958 the resignation of Ken Black as community center manager was received. Urged by the committee, Mayor and Council, Doug agreed to accept the management responsibilities and at that time phased out his own business as stone mason. His 15 years as manager were profitable for the town and successful in providing an expanded recreation program. He was a major figure in the Bracebridge Figure Skating Club, supporting and promoting skating programs and even providing money towards trophies and awards. One of his trophies has now been modified and re-instated in his memory.

The Doug Smith award is given to Competitive Skater(s) who successfully advances to Canadian Eastern/Western Challenge. A Novice or Junior Competitive skater(s) who places at this event qualifies to compete at the Canadian Nationals. To date, there have been only three recipients of this award: Keri Wills (1993) Tamiko Uyeda (2005 – 2008) and Katherine Malcolm (2008 – 2010).

Tamiko Uyeda

Tamiko Uyeda

Keri Wills

Keri Wills

Katherine Malcolm

Katherine Malcolm



Muriel Gibbs Triple Gold Achievement Award

This award is now in memory of Muriel Gibbs who dedicated 59 years to the the Bracebridge Skating to produce one of the finest and most respected skating clubs in Northern Ontario. Mrs. Gibbs was a lifetime honourary member of the Bracebridge (Figure) Skating club and a Skate Canada Diamond Volunteer recipient.

Mrs. Gibb’s energy and love of the sport of skating produced some top skaters, both in singles and synchronized and the Club is recognized as a solid, well respected organization in Bracebridge.

In appreciation of Mrs. Gibb’s years of dedication and hard work to skating, as well as being the longest serving President of the Bracebridge Skating Club, (1948 – 70) the Club honoured her with the Muriel Gibbs Triple Gold Achievement Award in 2000. Skate Canada recognizes multiple gold achievements as a skater’s greatest accomplishment within her Club’s program and in this Club’s long history.

Past winners include Brittney Parlett, Caitlin Wood, Keri Wills, Amanda Parlett, Shannon Godfrey, Katherine Malcolm, Gillian Dewar, Leeanne Stewart, Amanda Ball, Alyssa Ball



Sharon Hollows CanSkater of the Year Award

Sharon Hollows was one of many dedicated and honest officials that spent endless hours in arenas judging and evaluating scores of skaters each year.

Sharon had a vested interest in the skating and was encouraged by the late Rex Booker, who was very well known in skating circles as an Internationally ranked Judge. Sharon attended the seminars and courses required to become a judge, passed the necessary courses and began her 30-year career as one of the best known and respected judges in Northern Ontario. One year in particular Sharon judged more tests than anyone else in Canada.

Sharon always looked at the skater as a future potential no matter what level the skater performed. She recognized that the backbone of any club was its littlest skaters (now known as Canskaters) and that with encouragement every skater had the potential to succeed.

Due to illness, Sharon was forced to give up the work she loved but continued to be a lifetime honourary member of the Bracebridge Skating Club until she passed away in 2007. Her daughter, Cheryl, continues her mother’s legacy as a high-ranked skating judge.

The Bracebridge Skating Club honours Sharon’s dedication to cold arenas and endless repetition on test days by naming the Canskater of Year Award in her memory. After all, this is where skating all begins.

Champions of Skating Award

Each Skate Canada member skating club has the opportunity to award two champions of Skating medals at the Canskate level. Canskaters who are eligible must demonstrate the qualities that embody the Spirit of Skating – commitment, perseverance, dedication, passion, triumph and talent. Skaters must be enrolled in a Canskate program with an emphasis on personal achievements or accomplishments.


The Club’s decision to honour William (“Bill”) McKay’s memory was an easy one. Since 1996 Bill was involved with the Club as a very active spectator or, as many knew him, a coaching enthusiast when he moved to Bracebridge from Lively, Ontario to be close to his son Don and his family.

Although Bill’s claim to fame was being a member of the Northern Ontario team that went to the Canadian Briar Curling Championships in the 1950’s, upon his retirement in the 1970’s, well-known Northern Ontario Skating Judge Chip Duncan encouraged Bill to learn to skate with a group of adults. Bill and his friends became very keen on the sport and would watch it on the TV in amazement at the moves and precision of the skaters.

When Bill moved to James Street Residence he found that he was only steps from the arena where he could watch his grandsons play hockey. But it didn’t take long for Bill to find out that we had some really great figure skating talent in Bracebridge. Bill always sat in the same seat in the stands but spent most of his time at the ice surface telling skaters what he thought they needed to accomplish that jump or spin. He never missed a practice, competition or carnival. He was always encouraging and concerned and upon his passing in 2004 he left a void in the Club’s colour and enthusiasm. To that end we honour his memory with the Quadruple Gold Achievement Award. The Quad Gold indicates that a skater has received gold level performance in four skating disciplines. The Club’s first recipient is Katherine Malcolm who acquired Quad Gold in Skill, Dance, Freeskate and Interpretive in 2005. Amanda Ball was the second recipient, acquiring Quad Gold in Skill, Dance, Freeskate, and interpretive in 2011.

bill mckay award kathrine malcolm 06



Marilyn Leigh Trophy

The Marilyn Leigh award is given to the skater who successfully competes and places at the Central Regional Starskate Interclub Championships (formerly known at the All-Ontario Interclub Championships).

These are events involving a number of clubs in the same region or area. The competition categories offered generally fall in line with the applicable Skate Canada Section specifications, so that all Interclubs within the Section are standardized (this allows Skate Canada Sections to offer a Section Final). The National STARSkate Interclub Championship stream provides opportunities for skaters who want to remain in the STARSkate program but also want to have the challenge of competing up to a national level in a credible, nationally standardized event.

This award is given in honour of long-time club coach and Northern Ontario Coach of the Year recipient, Marilyn Leigh, who, at the time of the award’s inception in 1999, had been developing the talents of young skaters, both test and competitive, for 40 years.


This award was established in 2003 and the recipient is chosen given by the Synchronized Skating coach. It is to be awarded to the skater who shows outstanding skating strengths, agility, grace and leadership in a team setting. The award is only given if the skater shows abilities that “stand out” over the other team members and may not necessarily be awarded annually. This award is now retired.